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Brandon Tool Hire in Elland Road Leeds is one of Brandon Hire’s specialist floor grinder hire depot network that rents diamond floor grinders and holds surface preparation tools for hire in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Huddersfield, York and throughout the Yorkshire area. Flooring Contractors and specialist refurbishment contractors looking for floor grinder hire in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Huddersfield and York can rely on Brandon Tool Hire Leeds for great deals on floor grinder hire and floor grinder rental including diamond floor grinder hire for grinding concrete floors, polishing concrete floors, grinding epoxies and terrazzo. Brandon Tool Hire Leeds hire carpet tile strippers, rent floor tile strippers and hire vinyl floor tile strippers so, for professional floor stripper hire and carpet tile stripper hire advice call 0113 270 7372 and speak to one of our specialist surface prep equipment hire experts. As one of Brandon Tool Hire’s specialist floor grinder hire and surface preparation tool hire depots, Brandon Tool Hire Leeds, Yorkshire hire Refina Powerprep Surface Scabblers and diamond planer grinders for walls and surfaces. Brandon Tool Hire Leeds also hire the Refina diamond concrete wet polisher; ideal for polishing natural stone, granite, marble and terrazzo and synthetic worktops. If you need Diamond Wall Chaser hire, Brandon Tool Hire Leeds supplies Dustcontrol dust extraction vacuum hire to match its range of diamond wall chaser hire equipment, ensuring dust free drilling and chasing. Contractors looking for Diamond Core Drill hire in Leeds, York, Doncaster, Sheffield and Bradford hire from Brandon Tool Hire Leeds by calling 0113 270 7372 and hire from a professional range of Tyrolit diamond core drills, Norton Clipper diamond core drills, hydraulic core drills and wet diamond drills hire. If you are looking for great deals on Floor Grinder hire, Carpet Tile Stripper hire or Floor Tile Remover hire in Leeds, York, Doncaster, Sheffield and Bradford, Brandon Tool Hire Leeds, can supply as well as supply dust extraction vacuum hire for dust free working. So, if you need to hire a floor grinder and dust extraction vacuum hire in Yorkshire, call 0113 270 7372 for the best deals on floor grinder hire & rental. Leeds based contractors hire Dustcontrol extraction vacuums from Brandon Tool Hire Leeds to help avoid work-related respiratory disease and a range of illnesses that are caused or made worse by breathing hazardous substances that damage the lungs. Dust extraction vacuums or Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV), capture dust at the point it is created with on-tool extraction, an extremely effective way of removing and collecting RCS dust safely for disposal while protecting the health of the tool operator and those around them. Whatever power tool you use, it’s vital to have the on-tool extraction to control dangerous RCS dust as required by the CoSHH Regs. The Leeds branch of Brandon Tool Hire have on-tool suction casings for mini-grinders, grinders, drills, sanders, breakers and demolition hammers. If you hire Surface preparation machines and floor grinders, they should be connected to dust extraction vacuums, and Brandon Tool Hire Leeds carry a range of dust extraction adaptors to ensure you have the right method of connecting almost every floor prep machine to maintain dust free working. Brandon Tool Hire Leeds hires dust extraction vacuums ranging from the small, highly mobile DC2900 vacuum, suitable for every trade; right through to semi-mobile systems, suitable for major construction projects and multiple operatives with power tools. ATEX approved machines that fulfil the requirements of the ATEX Zone 22 directive 1999/92 ATEX 137 are available too from Brandon Tool Hire Leeds. It’s simple to hire hire H rated dust extraction vacuums in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Huddersfield and York, just call the local experts at Brandon Tool Leeds on 0113 270 7372 and get H rated Dustcontrol dust extraction vacuums complete with on-tool dust extraction attachments to control silica dust at source. The Leeds branch of Brandon Tool Hire are experts at providing solutions to dust related health & safety and technical problems, so if you need hire and safety advice on dust extraction vacuums, on-tool dust extraction hire, AirCube air cleaners or Silica dust tool box talks in Leeds, York, Doncaster, Sheffield and Bradford, ring the dust extraction hire specialists in Leeds on 0113 270 7372. Brandon Tool Hire dust extraction vacuums can support safer, cleaner and more productive working environments in dust-critical areas including food processing plants, schools and offices, hospitals, by capturing dangerous RCS silica dust at the point it’s created with an on-tool suction casing attached to the tool and connected to a dust extraction vacuum. Contractors engaged in chasing concrete, re-pointing and mortar raking are aware that this type of work can produce very high levels of silica-containing dust known as RCS. A high standard of control is required as this type of work produces exposure limits above RCS Working Exposure Limits (WEL), and on-tool dust extraction hired from Brandon Tool Hire Leeds is one of the most effective ways of collecting dust at source and complying with the CoSHH Regs. Ordinary ‘Henry’ type vacuum cleaners don’t have the filter technology required to protect your health and will leave the most harmful RCS dust particles suspended in the air to be breathed in by workers and those around them. ‘L’ rated vacuums are not suitable for RCS silica dust extraction. The Health and Safety Executive state that ‘M’ rated vacuums are the minimum standard to be used with ‘H’ rated dust extraction vacuums, such as the entire Brandon Tool Hire range of dust extraction vacuums, the best to deliver the best highest standards of protection to workers from RCS dust, and from the associated health risks of COPD, Silicosis and cancer. The Leeds branch of Brandon Tool Hire hires dust extraction vacuums with on-tool dust extraction guards and extraction boots, designed to capture RCS silica construction dust and support your compliance with the CoSHH Regulations. The Dustcontrol DC1800 is one of the most popular hire products at Brandon Tool Hire in Leeds as it is extremely compact and ideal for general site cleaning and on-tool source extraction for circular saws, small power tools, sanders and drills. For surface prep and floor grinder hire, Brandon Tool Hire Leeds recommends you hire a Dustcontrol DC3800 Twin dust extraction vacuum to control RCS silica dust at source and avoid costly clean-up on construction projects while protecting the health of your workforce and any trades in their proximity. Many construction firms and specialist contractors in Leeds hire the DC2900 extraction vacuum for dust-free work when using dry diamond core drills, circular saws, mini grinders and sanders. If you call 0113 270 7372, the dust extraction specialist team at Brandon Tool Hire Leeds will provide technical advice and safety guidance on selecting on-tool dust extraction ‘boots’ for demolition breakers including hydraulic and electric breakers, with many other on-tool suction casings available for mini-grinders, circular saws, angle grinders and, virtually any power tool. Brandon Tool Hire hires the highest H rated Dustcontrol extraction vacuums with triple stage filtration process including HEPA 13 filters, dustless bag exchange and a pulse-cleaning function to minimise health risks and minimise RCS silica dust exposure. Dust from wood, gypsum, sandstone and masonry can be a serious health risk, so Brandon Tool Hire Leeds hires dust extraction vacuums for dry lining sanders, masonry drills and wood sanders used on building sites or refurbishment projects, including sensitive areas such as retail, office, schools and hospital environments. The DC3800 extraction vacuum have high capacity cyclones, large filters and are best used with wall chasers, scabblers and surface grinders and when tunnelling, crushing and screening demolition material, clearing and removing rubble, chasing out mortar before repointing, laying epoxy floors and carpentry. Hiring Air Cubes for maintenance and refurbishment work in Offices, Hospitals, schools and retail areas will allow you to capture fine dust and avoid damage to IT equipment, machinery, stock and people. Fine dust, is difficult to remove and can be extremely costly for both contractors and your client so hire an AirCube from Brandon Hire in Leeds. AirCubes work by circulating air through a highly efficient HEPA filters that capture the most harmful particles of RCS dust. Brandon Hire’s AirCubes are particularly effective when operated in conjunction with temporary screening walls, to create enclosed ‘negative pressure’ work zones. Brandon Tool Hire in Leeds hire AirCube air cleaners with HEPA 13 filtration to maintain clean ambient air on construction sites, refurbishment projects and sensitive environments, so call 0113 270 7372 and speak to a Brandon Tool Hire dust extraction specialist. Specialist ATEX approved dust extraction vacuums are available to hire from Brandon Hire in Leeds for ATEX Zone 22 environments by calling 0113 270 7372. Need Sandblaster Hire or Grit Blaster in Leeds? Then call Brandon Tool Hire Leeds on 0113 270 7372, for great deals on grit blaster hire and sandblaster hire for blast cleaning masonry, timber and steel. Brandon Lifting Hire Leeds hires a huge range of lifting tools and equipment, as well as a wide range of lifting consumables for lifting specialists, civil engineering and construction companies and engineering industry applications throughout Leeds and Yorkshire. Brandon Tool Hire Leeds hires lifting equipment, jacking equipment, material handling and winching equipment to major national contractors, crane companies, Port Authorities, steel and fabrication companies, utilities industries and general builders. Brandon Lifting Hire Leeds provide a professional lifting equipment hire service at very competitive rates and we are always pleased to provide support and advice, whether you’re lifting or shifting, one call to us can really do it all. As a specialist lifting hire depot the Leeds branch has fully trained staff, able to offer an extensive range of fully Tested and Certificated Lifting Hire equipment including manual chainblock hire, electric chain hoist hire, Beam Trolley and Girder Clamp hire, Shackles and Strops. Vacuum Slab Lifter hire, Material Lift hire, Pallet Trucks to Electric Stair Climber hire, Gantries, Confined Space Equipment, all types of Chainslings and Winches, Man baskets... If you need it lifted or shifted, Brandon Lifting Hire Leeds are the guys to call on 0113 2707372. Brandon Tool Hire Leeds hire the Reactec Havmeter, a device deigned to support contractors and sub-contractors in Yorkshire meet CoVaW hand arm vibration legislation. Brandon Hire in Leeds hire equipment tagged for Reactec HAVmeter and supports contractors with full HAV reporting and HAV risk assessments. Brandon Tool Hire Leeds have HAV technical specialists on hand to provide HAV technical advice, Toolminder HAV reporting, HAV risk assessments and HAV Tool Box Talks on Hand Arm Vibration in Yorkshire and the north east of England, call 0113 2707372 for details. Civil engineers and contractors across Yorkshire and Leeds rely on Brandon Tool Hire for Hand Arm Vibration advice, Hand Arm Vibration toolbox talks, Reactec HAVmeter hire and fully tagged hire equipment. Interested? Call 0113 2707372 for more information. At Brandon Lifting Hire Leeds, we have a fully equipped workshop enabling us to offer Inspection/Certification and Servicing/Repair of our customer’s own equipment. We also offer On-Site Inspection and Certification. Our Depot also boasts a comprehensive In-house or On-Site Training Facility. Courses offered include PASMA Tower Training, Safety Harness and Lanyard, Ladder and Steps… For a full list of courses provided please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0113 2707372 and talk to one of our lifting experts. Brandon Lifting Hire in Leeds sells lifting accessories including Lifting Slings and Shackles and chainslings and a large stock of Safety Equipment including a large variety of Harnesses, Lanyards and Fall Arrest Blocks.

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